Happy Buddha

"Happy Buddha* is my new favourite sauce! Its fruity kick and fresh lemongrass flavour elevate any dish! The balance of red thai chilies and ginger make it spicy without being overwhelming. My friends and I could not get enough of it and inhaled almost half a bottle on our Pad Thai the other night! I can't get enough of it!"

~ Ana, 2024


”We tried your hot sauce (Gojira**) last night and WOWZA! It started out so sweet - and BLAMMO! My husband absolutely LOVED it. Raved about it, in fact!”

~ Alisson, 2023


"Amazing, tingling and fruity (Zwaffellen***)! Swaffel it on anything and it will taste better. Tip: use a small spoon instead of actual swaffeling."

~ Rob, 2023

  • * Happy Buddha is now called 'Happy Happy Boing Boing'
    ** Gojira is no longer available but may return with an updated recipe (and name)
    *** Zwaffellen will be back in production in 2024

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