To our best recollection, our earliest exposure to hot sauces and spicy food in general occurred in the early '80s through Indonesian cuisine - sambal being a staple enrichment to the bland Lowlands diet.

Then, through travel in the late '90s and into the 00's, Caribbean and in particular Trinidadian cuisine made it's rich variety and sometimes hot tropical burn felt, and those endorphin rushes never really left.

Later, visiting more European, Middle-Eastern, (South-)East Asian and East African countries, all kinds of distinct flavors and spices were discovered, which culminated to a vast library we now draw from to replicate and integrate into our sauces and salts.

And now we find ourselves living in an area where all those cuisines -and more- come together, and that is why we make what we make; to bring our memories and interpretations to your plate, reliving them ourselves from time to time.

...also because hot peppers just taste really good and smell even better when being prepared - try roasting or dehydrating some Habanero's yourself sometime, you'll be surprised!