Frequently asked Questions

"You run out of stock so fast...why is that?"

We make very small batches so running out of stock is quite normal, but we tend to replenish stock fairly quick, too!

"My favorite sauce is no longer come?"

Sometimes we make seasonal as well as one-off products which you'll only find in season or never again after initial release...sorry.

"I live in Augusta, Western Australia...why don't you ship to the other side of the world?"

Come visit us in the Great White North! It's nice here! We prefer not to ship (for now) as sauces have the terrible tendency to escape their enclosures and make a rather hot mess...sorry.

"I don't like to use credit you take Cash On Delivery?"

Yes we do! But please do complete your online order so we can keep track of stock properly. You'll find the COD option during the payment process.

"Are your sauces and salts safe for me to consume?"

We'd like to think so? We take great care in making our products and prepare them in a clean and smoke-free environment, but you should always check the products' ingredients for any allergens you may have an adverse reaction to. As we make lots of different products in our kitchen, cross-contamination is a (small) possibility...

"Do you take requests?"


"I'm not happy with my purchase...what do I do now?"

We're very sorry to hear this! As it's a food item we cannot take returns, but we'd happily discuss a replacement or refund with you.

"How accurate are your heat indications?"

Indicated by stars on products and peppers in the shop, they're inherently objective, to be honest. Our perception of 'hot' may not be yours, but we try to play fair.

"Our purchase has changed color over it still okay to consume?"

This can happen as we use fresh produce in our products, and even spices change color over time. We don't use additional preservatives in our products but as long as you've stored your sauce in a cool, dry and dark place (hint: fridge), it should be good-to-go for a few months, salts for longer. Another hint: if you keep your sauces in the fridge, take them out for a while prior to consumption. Less ketchup-effect.

"COD? Cash? What is that?"

No worries, we take digital payment as well: PayPal and all major credit cards and other electronic payment systems (through Stripe) are supported in our shop.

"Your sauces are so expensive, why don't you offer some discounts?"

Size and quality matters and as we make very small batches with high quality ingredients, our products tend not to be on the budget side. However, we do offer discounts on Hot Sauce Day, Taco Day...and more! Follow this link.

"How hot are your sauces?"

Let's just say...the saucier the label the hotter the sauce, so we think you'll figure this out pretty quickly. We do recognize that perceived heat is quite subjective, so we try to play nice.

"But hang bottle looks nothing like the one I thought I ordered. What's going on here?"

By the sounds of it you may have found an Easter Egg! If your bottle has a label of the beardy persuasion, you've just unlocked something special. Scan the QR code on the back and have a look!