Small-Batch Hot Sauce for Saucy People

What we are

Uniquely local

We are a very small home-grown outfit and as far as we know the only one in this neck of the woods that make hot sauce the way we do.

What we do

Small batch hotness

We make hot sauces and spiced salts based on our travel experiences, seasonable ingredients and local cuisines available to us here in the culturally über-diverse Greater Toronto Area.

how we do that

sensibly & sustainably

Through trials and tribulations we formulate our recipes by sourcing as many local, non-GMO and otherwise unaltered produce and ingredients for our sauces and salts as we can afford, as we believe "good stuff in is good stuff out".

”We tried your hot sauce (Gojira*) last night and WOWZA! It started out so sweet - and BLAMMO! My husband absolutely LOVED it. Raved about it, in fact!”

- Alisson

"Amazing, tingling and fruity (Zwaffel Sauce**)! Swaffel it on anything and it will taste better. Tip: use a small spoon instead of actual swaffeling."

- Rob

what do people say?

"Happy Buddha is my new favourite sauce! Its fruity kick and fresh lemongrass flavour elevate any dish! The balance of red thai chilies and ginger make it spicy without being overwhelming. My friends and I could not get enough of it and inhaled almost half a bottle on our Pad Thai the other night! I can't get enough of it!"

- Ana

* Gojira is no longer available but may return with an updated recipe (and name)
** Zwaffel Sauce will probably be back in production in 2024

The PEPPAHSAUSCo difference

The liquid fire that gives hot sauce it's name usually takes second place in our sauces, if not third or fourth. We firmly believe that the sauce is only there to compliment the food already on your plate, whatever food that may be.